Independent digital artist based in Bordeaux (Aquitaine, France), fascinated by graphic Arts, I propose you a journey within my creations, fruit of several years of work and graphic research in the field of digital art.

It can be separated into two galleries :

- The atmospheric and eerie « Kosmogony », a balance of power and a struggle between darkness and light, supported by different materials, colours, contrasts, inspired by Nature in its chaotic and relentless being. These pieces of work were born from diverse influences, drawn from my love for some great romantic, surrealist, impressionist and fantastic painters, ( William Turner, John Martin, C.D.Friedrich, Ivan Aïvazovsky, Zdzislaw Beksinski...) without forgetting the music and all these bands accompanying me through the genesis of every creations.

- The gallery called « Claustrophobia » happens behind closed doors and is rawer, metallic, cold, with a more digital rendering, as opposed to the painterly feeling of Kosmogony. It reflects confinement and loneliness through its organic beings and machinery. It is inspired by the absolute master in the matter: H. R. Giger. Although a little bit empty for the present while, as I am not fully satisfied with the final result of many of them, I hope this gallery will one day come to life again and rise from its still glowing embers under the seemingly dull ash.

May my creations find grace in your eyes.